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How to pick carrots?

We all often eat carrots. Hope the following method can help everyone:

1.Carrots appearance

The main pick smooth appearance of the surface, no scars, no cracks, insect eyes and so on.

2.The size of carrots

 In fact, do not choose too large, do not choose a look that is immature, medium to small can be good.

3.Carrots shape 

We suggest that you pick some cylindrical, I feel a little sweet. If you do not like the cylinder, you can try the sharp.

4.Carrot color 

Most carrots are orange skin color. We pick very bright colors of the natural orange color.

5.The weight of the carrot 

When you pick if it is light then it should be stored for a long time. The main selection of some weight, heavy

6. Carrot fresh 

Carrots are linked with the leaves. If it is green then so fresh.



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